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Coat Check Girl - "Lose Control (Official Video)"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Coat Check Girl - "Lose Control (Official Video)"

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Artist Bio:

Passion-fueled four-piece Coat Check Girl may hail from Los Angeles, but their voracious, multi-dimensional approach to music is tied to a rebellious youth spent growing up in Caracas, Venezuela. After a short time operating under the moniker Yell Oh Umbrella, Coat Check Girl are ready to make a name for themselves with their innovative debut full-length, featuring single “Lose Control,” the brand new for which just premiered on BlankTV.


André and Alejandro Rodriguez, the band’s singer-guitarist and guitarist respectively, are brothers united not only by blood but by the musical ravenousness that drives them. Drummer Toby Harmans and bassist Allan Carnevalle are childhood friends of the Rodriguez brothers. The quartet’s vision of the world was shared; their experiences growing up in political unrest, the sweeping changes that surrounded them, the chaos that ensued, and the emotional path they eventually traveled down together.

That time together played a huge part in how they approach music. They quenched their thirst for rebellion in the world of heavy metal; they wanted music to encapsulate the changing speed of their time. Theirs is the sound of loud and thoughtful rock – aggressive and well-structured, nuanced but guitar-heavy. The riffs’ DNA lie in heavy metal, while playfully dipping its toes into pop and electronic. Drums mimic heartbeats, shocking the melody with empathetic symbiosis. The sound is, above all else, cognizant of its main essence: ROCK.

Their willingness to try something different isn’t only felt in how they make music, but how they want fans to consume it. In July of 2014, the band launched their unique plan for their debut full-length and its staggered release. Each month would present a brand new song or video, a puzzle piece of a much larger picture they were painting for the listener. Newest single “Heat Transfer” and the music video for “Lose Control” are the latest fragments from this release. “Heat Transfer” is a Foo Fighters-esque jag that is a playfully, dark rumination on lust and deception, while the video for “Lose Control” tells of a love story gone awry about a man who is murdered by the woman who harbors an unrequited love for him. With more material like this still to come from Coat Check Girl, music fans will be rewarded for watching how this all unfolds.

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