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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

The Judas Bunch - "Hey Bartender"

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Artist Bio:

When I say Sweden, what comes to your mind? If you pictured a female fronted honky-tonk punk band with an accordion and a banjo, then you win! The Judas Bunch from Stockholm, Sweden, play what they like to call honkytonk punk – fast, melodious, energetic punk rock with bad ass banjo riffs. So far they have released three records, Betrayers Brew (2009), Backstabbers Ball (2010) and Traitorville Fair (2012). They play a lot in Sweden and have been on two tours on the U.S. West Coast so I guess you can call them a hard working band.

About The Video:

The video was recorded at the bar where the singer Rebecka works. It's also the bar where you most likely will find the rest of the band drinking.

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