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Resurrection - "Chances"

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Resurrection - "Chances"

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Band Bio:

"True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself." These are words that a famous American writer named henry miller (1891-1980) wrote. When seeing these guys play, you'll know why I've picked these words. Pure dedication through passion and heart is what separates these young guys, hailing from Opglabbeek (Belgium) from other bands. Since their foundation, in September 2008, they shared the stage with bands known all over Europe in and out of their home country. While enjoying a local fan base in the BENELUX, they have the goal to expand it in Europe and beyond. In doing so, they started with some mini-tours with bands like While She Sleeps, Show Your Teeth (AUT) and Poison My Blood (BE). Always wanting more, the choice was made to do a full European tour in the summer of 2012. During those 12 days, that tour took them to countries all over Europe. Even now, the plans are there to take another go in the summer of 2013 with a full two week tour in Europe.

That local fanbase was conquered by releasing two EP's. Always improving, they stepped it up, raised the bar and are now bringing 'Social/Contract'. No doubt that it'll shatter the past and present a bright future for these guys. And they won't stop; new songs are in the cradle, always improving and wanting better and bigger. Bet you aren't ready?

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