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Te Voy A Quebrar - "The Colour Out of Space"

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Te Voy A Quebrar - "The Colour Out of Space"

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In Space Metal, Everyone Can Hear You Scream!

Te Voy A Quebrar is a Brazilian surrealistic space metal band. Inspired by stoner, sludge, doom, psychedelic music, Jodorowsky's movies, Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce and Borges short stories, Te Voy A Quebrar has just released an epic music video more than nine minutes long, titled "The Colour Out of Space". The track is from their split album with O Cúmplice, from São Paulo.

In this video journey you can go deep into Te Voy A Quebrar's heavy and raw stoner rock, and find more than groovy and Sabbathic riffs. You'll find the whole experience, from magical realism lyrics to raving imagery forged by Brazilian punks.

Directed by: Blake Farber

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